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Our support to Covid-19 related projects

During these uncertain times, while the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc in developing countries. We will continue to support all of our projects and have decided to offer extra support to those projects that can help limit the spread of this virus and limit the casualties.

Lately, we have sent extra support to the following projects:
Catholic AVSI hospitals in Syria

We supported the three Catholic AVSI hospitals in Syria. To help them acquire respirators and medical equipment to treat COVID-19 patients.

Doctors with Africa

We are helping Doctors with Africa CUAMM in Angola and Sierra Leone. With their current preparedness and response plans in order to stop further transmission of the virus in their local hospitals.

Order of Malta in Lebanon

We sent an extra donation to the Order of Malta in Lebanon. To acquire ventilators and personal protective equipment to protect medical personnel and limit the contagion. Besides this we have also financed an extra mobile medical unit to help them reach people in need of medical care who are far from other hospitals and might need assistance during this pandemic.

A Chance in Life

We sent two donations to A Chance in Life. To help feed a total of 11’366 children and their families during this pandemic in Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Ethiopia and India.

Global Fund for Forgotten People

We sent support to The Global Fund for Forgotten People (GFFP). To help them take care of the elderly, the homeless, abandoned and disabled children. As well as refugees that are currently most vulnerable and easily forgotten during this pandemic.

The Scalabrini International Migration Network

We are also supporting The Scalabrini International Migration Network (“SIMN”). To provide food, shelter and legal protection to the vulnerable migrant families that depend on them in 34 countries as well as sanitary equipment.

Communauté de Saint-Martin

We are helping La Communauté de Saint-Martin. To provide food for the people in Cuba during this crisis and to rebuild a school that educates 650 young students per year.

Diocese of La Dorada

We have decided to help the Diocese of La Dorada with their foodbank project in Colombia to provide food and basic necessities for 200 families as well as 2 charitable soup kitchens which provide warm meals for another 560 people per month. To help mitigate the repercussions of the lock-down order and increasing unemployment in the La Dorada region in Colombia.

We will continue to support our projects in the best way we can during this COVID-19 pandemic. We hope that these difficult times will be short-lived!

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