If your project meets the criteria of our mission statement, we invite you to submit your application by sending the following information to the trustees, using the Request support form



Once submitted, we will take your application in consideration and we will contact you for further information. We usually meet several representatives of the project in order to verify the reliability of the charity and the sustainability of the project prior to providing our final approval. A visit on the site may also be organised.



Lastly, once donations are made, we request regular reports for the use of the funds donated :

  • To control the enhancements of the project
  • To ensure the funds have been used and allocated to the project as agreed upon the terms of the promise of donation
  • To consider an eventual sponsorship on a long term basis.
  • To assist with further development of the project

Request Donation

  • Presentation of your charity/congregation (with pictures if available)
  • Presentation of the project to be financed
  • A detailed Budget/ financial plan of the project
  • Current financial situation of your charity (financial statements if available)

The Caritas Pro Vitae Gradu Charitable Trust looks to support catholic projects that have an important influence on the lives of the most vulnerable communities.