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Scalabrini Brothers (SIMN) video

For those who wish to see how the Scalabrini Brothers (SIMN) operate the management of their Refugee Camp in CUCUTA – COLOMBIA, for Venezuelan refugees. Hand in hand with other NGOs (Red Cross, UN). Have a look at this recent video showing their admirable work of compassion.

Scalabrini Brothers (SIMN) Mission

The Scalabrini International Migration Network’s mission is to promote the dignity and the rights of migrants, refugees, seafarers and itinerants worldwide.


Scalabrini Brothers (SIMN) entities work together as one international network to promote a global culture of dignity, justice, hospitality and peaceful coexistence for all.


As a leading international network for migration, SIMN acts through its local entities, strategically focusing on five main goals:

  • Research on migration to raise awareness for a better understanding of migration issues, policies and programs.
  • Training and capacity building programs for people and entities working with migrants.
  • Services to migrants, refugees, internally displaced people, seafarers and itinerant people to protect and promote their human, economic, social and cultural rights.
  • Advocacy programs to promote policies and programs that recognize the rights and participative citizenship of migrants and their families.
  • Sustainability of programs and services to migrants promoted by local Scalabrinian entities.

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