La Salle Secondary School Rumbek, South Sudan

La Salle Secondary School is in Rumbek, Lakes State, South Sudan. It is the world’s youngest nation that became independent in 2011 after a long and bloody war with northern Sudan.

Due to the ongoing civil war, started in 2013, many of the already insufficient educational infrastructures have been destroyed or misappropriated and converted for other use. Attainment is extremely poor due to the lack of schools, qualified teachers, and materials. Less than a third of the population is literate (27%), and only 16% of women can read and write. Fifty percent of South Sudanese live below the poverty line.

To respond to this need, in March 2018, the La Salle Brothers opened outside Rumbek a Secondary School. With a first cohort of 23 students. Most of them coming from Loreto Primary School. In March 2019 for the new intake there were 186 applicants who went through a written test and oral interview. Only 45 where admitted, while the 2nd year are 28 for a total of 73. They are hosted by Loreto Primary School.


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After five years of a brutal civil war which has displaced millions of people, a September 2018 peace accord shows signs of hope as South Sudan begins the long road toward reconstruction.

To assist in these efforts, a new school is being built in one of the most peaceful regions of South Sudan: Rumbek.  Lasallian around the world are supporting this effort to benefit underserved yet motivated and capable children.

Stemming from discussions with the Loretto Sisters (Institute for the Blessed Virgin Mary) of Ireland who currently conduct a school in Rumbek, the De La Salle Brothers are constructing a new La Salle Secondary School for males. While the Sisters’ facilities are currently being shared, upon construction completion the Loretto school will be entirely for females and the Lasalle school for males.  Separate gender schools are the Ministry of Education’s preferred option for instruction.  Classes for La Salle Secondary School will start in February 2019.


Thanks to its holistic approach which integrates child rights, trauma counseling, and relevant education providing students with necessary academic skills, La Salle Secondary School represents a beacon of hope for youth and the community.

The project supported by The Caritas Pro Vitae Gradu Charitable Trust

The Caritas Pro Vitae Gradu Charitable Trust has provided and participated to equip a brand-new school to host 320 pupils in the next three years on 48 hectares of land donated to the school by local chiefs, specifically by financing a new Cafeteria, Store and Multi-purpose room for the students.

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