Community of Saint Martin

The Community of Saint Martin is a Congregation composed of secular priests and deacons. They are living their apostolate within a community life at the service of dioceses all over France, Italy and Cuba. It was founded in 1976 by D. Jean François Guérin in the renewal of the Second Vatican Council.

It currently has 97 priests and deacons, 95 seminarians and 14 students in a preparatory program. The Mother House, which is also the Formation House, is located in Évron (Mayenne).


Communauté Saint-Martin



The Community of Saint Martin is a congregation composed of secular priests and deacons. They are living their ministry in small communities at the service of dioceses worldwide. It was founded in 1976 by the Reverend Jean-François Guerin in the wake of the renewal of the Second Vatican Council. Being of Pontifical right, it is directly attached to Rome, which underlines its international vocation.


The aim of the Saint Martin Community is to put itself at the disposal of the pastors of the universal Church. Responding to the bishops’ call, it is entrusted by them with various apostolic missions. Priests and deacons of the Community are thus in ministry in parishes, college chaplaincies, boarding schools, sanctuaries. Most are in France, but many are also on missions abroad (Cuba and Italy).
Dispatched at least three by three, the priests and deacons pray, live and work together in a spiritual and pastoral fraternity. The Community consists at the moment of 115 priests and deacons, dispatched over 22 dioceses in France and abroad (Italy and Cuba).

School of Philosophy and Theology

Within the house of formation of the Community, the intellectual aspect of the formation is provided by the School of Theology. The school is affiliated to the Pontifical Laterean University in Rome since March 2007. The vast majority of the teaching staff is made of priests from the Community. Outside speakers are regularly invited to give classes or conferences as well.

The formation at the seminary

While the Community of Saint Martin defines itself as being totally at the service of bishops and dioceses of the universal Church, it has its own House of Formation. For six years, under the leadership of the priests in charge of the formation, the seminarians seek to discern and develop their vocation for the service of souls.

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