Espace Saint Julien

Espace Saint Julien is a place of life where more than 300 people will be welcomed each day. From the beginning, the goal of the volunteers involved in this project was to serve the common good by offering the most vulnerable people a living environment conducive to benevolent, complementary and humanizing meetings. It is formed through 5 poles: a senior residence, a boarding school for high school students, an after-school care unit, a solidarity café and a health center, all revolving arount a spiritual unit of three catholic Priest. Objective: opening of the Espace Saint Julien in 2020.

History of Espace Saint Julien

The Espace Saint Julien is an innovative project, aiming to unite people from different generations in the city of Laval. This, by making interactive and solidarity centers of different nature. A senior residence, a periscolaire home, a boarding school for middle and high school students schooled in town, a solidarity café open especially for vulnerable people, as well as a health center. The Espace Saint Julien faces daily challenges, such as elderly’s isolation, children’s education, disability, illness and social fragility.


The project of Saint Julien wants to provide a concrete answer to these concerns. These are: to live fraternity, to grow together and to serve one another. The new idea of the ​​Espace Saint Julien is born of a combination of opportunities. The desire of many LAVAL residents to work together and voluntarily for the common good of their community.

The project supported by The Caritas Pro Vitae Gradu Charitable Trust

A team of priests from the Communauté de Saint Martin is leading this innovative project.
The project focuses on five poles :

Senior Residence

Linking the generations and allowing everyone, to feel good and to remain useful is at the heart of the project of our residence.


By integrating Espace Saint Julien, the boarding school will double its capacity and will allow a greater number of young people to evolve at the heart of this intergenerational space.

After School care unit

The seniors of the senior residence as well as the young people of the boarding school will participate in the activities by helping with homework and the animation of workshops, so that the intergenerational link can take all its dimension and thus promote the confidence in oneself and learning the service to others.

Solidarity Café

In line with the vision of the founders of the project, a solidarity café will be part of the integration of the most vulnerable populations. The objective of this cluster, particularly through support actions, is to connect people in a situation of fragility, to promote exchanges around a coffee and thus to reduce vulnerabilities and to promote the inclusion of vulnerable people.

Health center

The sharing of experiences between therapists and the development of innovative care practices in conjunction with local partners will continuously improve the quality of care and allow accessibility to care for all in the intergenerational center and also the City of Laval.

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