Chabrouh Camps in Lebanon

The Order of Malta Lebanon is an apolitical humanitarian organization. Its sole agenda is to uphold the dignity of every human being. In a country that has been unstable for over 40 years, hosting 17 different religious denominations, the Order of Malta has won the trust and respect of governments, citizens, and all religious communities thanks to the quality of its actions with and for everyone. The camps in Chabrouh offer to the disabled guests a one-on-one unique opportunity to link with young volunteers. During a one week camp, respect, dignity and social values are the cornerstones for building long lasting smiles on the faces of each guest.

The project mainly consists in the creation of camps for the disabled, physically and mentally challenged individuals.


Lebanese Association of the Knights of Malta



The mission started 20 years ago. In 1998 thanks to the strong collaboration between German & Lebanese youngsters from the Associations of the Knights of Malta. They joined forces to organize one-week summer camps for the disabled. In the Order of Malta’s Center in the Lebanese mountains of Chabrouh. By 2012, they reached the full capacity of the initial project. A total of 15 one-week camps organized each year thanks to the reliable collaboration of youngsters. All coming from Germany, UK, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland & Lebanon. In order to propel this project to the next level and move from serving 400 disabled guests per year to 880 guests per year, they needed to expand the existing capacity of the Center. As well as increase the total number of camps organized each year. In 2017, they operated 22 one-week camps, and served 545 disabled guests.


To promote social, cultural and religious coexistence through a unique humanitarian project. Bring together volunteers from all over the world. Offer Love, Care, Compassion and Time to physically and mentally challenged individuals. From all religious denominations.

To get a better idea of the functioning of the camps, each volunteer is assigned a guest that he/she will be responsible of during the entire duration of the camp. This relationship is the basic foundation behind this project. During the one-week holiday camp, the disabled guest receives all the attention and devoted love of one person, at any time of the day.

On these vacations, the guests discover an ability within, which will support and boost them all year long: acceptance and tolerance, friendship, joy, and love.

The project supported by The Caritas Pro Vitae Gradu Charitable Trust

The Camps take place at the Order of Malta’s Hosting Center for the Disabled in the Chabrouh mountains, 60km North East of Beirut. It benefits from large terraces and stunning views on the Kesrouan mountains and valleys. We participated to the renovation and the construction of an additional building for the camps.

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